Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back in the Studio

After the last two art shows that I participated in, I have been giving my artwork a lot of thought.  My father looked at my paintings and stated it very simply, "Who are you painting for?"  I was embarassed by my work before he even asked.  Once he asked, I was down right humiliated by my lack of confidence.  Why am I allowing myself to hide behind work I am not even proud of?  Is it really necessary for me to try to paint for anyone but myself?  This thought may seem selfish, but what is the point of painting, if not to express myself? When I am painting what I think others seem to want, I lose all sense of self.  Where's the heART in that? 

After two weeks of serious thinking and positve painting experiences, I am back to doing what I love.  Flowers are my favorite thing to paint in this entire world.  I cannot stop myself from loving them anymore than I can keep my little one from learning new words each day.  I think of painting landscapes and florals as I sleep at night.  There is nothing more relaxing or self expressive than nature. 

As I return to painting my true passions in the studio, I offer an apology to the fans of my artwork.  I am sorry for deserting you, while I searched for meaning in my artwork.  The true meaning was there all along.  I was searching for something I had already found, but lost sight of.  As a writer tries to find their voice, an artist tries to find their sight.    You see, I already knew what I love to paint.  I thought it wasn't good enough anymore.

A quote my cousin shared with the world on facebook recently helped me regain my sight,
"Ink on paper is as beautiful to me as flowers on the mountains; God composes why shouldn't we?"(-Audra Foveo-Alba) 
So here are my latest efforts to regain my sight and allow my heart to bleed onto the canvas.

Pink Coneflowers
Orange Cosmos

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