Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Little Show with Little Preparation

So I am absolutely thrilled back in December to discover that the first juried show I finally get it together for accepts me!  I then received the details for the show and in the bustle hustle of the hurried harried holiday season upon me I threw them in a heap on a table and forgot about them.  Mildly and somewhat more discomforting sicknesses plagued our household throughout December and early January.  So much so, that I never painted during the winter vacation from school.  In my mind, I decided that I had paintings that fit the requirements for the show. 

LITTLE did I know that I did not know the definition of miniature.  One week prior to the shows drop off date, I gaze at the requirements for information.  I quickly gleaned that out of the five paintings I planned to use for the show, one met the size requirement.  ACK!  My heart began pounding in my chest.  The prices, medium, and title were due immediately.  I quickly fired off an email asking for the latest possible time I could submit the information that day.

To my great relief the person in charge gave me a two day extension to submit my painting information.  Still in a state of panic, I raced to the my basement studio ever greatful and mindful of the peacefully sleeping toddler upstairs. Painting was no longer something I wanted to do, but something I NEEDED to do.  My name was listed in the show's flyers... if I failed to drop off artwork...

I began rummaging through my supplies in panic mode.   

These were the thoughts racing through my mind:  No canvases the size of a small child's head existed in my studio. Where was I going to get canvases the size of  a grapefruit immediately when the toddler is napping???  No one to watch him while I run to the store.  If he's sleeping I need to paint.  What am I going to paint?  Whoever decided 25 square inches was a good idea is on my list.

Grabbing a ruler, I began ripping canvas to the miniature specifications.    As the canvases took shape, a plan formulated in my mind.  Peace settled in.  Paint what I know.  Paint what exists.  Paint what is available. 

Little Show Paintings

Fruit Still Life (Definition):

When the artist misreads and neglects to read the rules for a show one artist paints fruit... I had two days to create four of the paintings for this show due to negligence and procrastination. Fruit is available. Fruit is always in my refrigerator. Fruit is a beautiful form to paint. I love to set up a small still life that allows light and shadow to play across the surface. These miniatures are a reflection of joy found in the need to paint quickly and the necessity to produce in rapid succession. Enjoy.

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