Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frustrated by unsuccessful errands and tantrums... not mine

After an hour of preparation I finally made it into the car this morning with all my lists, purse, keys, coats, snacks, drink, coupons, library returns, diaper bag, and the toddler. We arrived an hour behind schedule at Michaels. To my complete dismay I remembered that I do not like the quality or prices or their pre-stretched canvases. Yet another disappointment was to find that they no longer carry stretcher strips to stretch your own canvas. I quickly debated whether to drive down to another art store, which would take about 30 minutes.

Pushing my luck, just didn't feel right. It will have to wait for another day. I really need those stretcher strips as I am starting a commissioned painting. ARGH! So I decided to use the outing to finish my other errands. I hunted for snow pants for the toddler only to find I am too cheap to spend 34.50 on something for one season. I strapped the toddler back into his car seat only to haul him out again since we headed to the grocery store. At this point we were still tantrum free. I think this was something of a miracle.

By 11:15 I realized we could still make story time at the library... if I hurried. I dashed home to put away the groceries leaving the toddler to munch goldfish crackers unsupervised in his car seat. Upon completion of putting away said groceries, I find goldfish crackers strewn through the entire back seat of car. Husband will likely not be pleased.

Off again, we headed to the library despite the one lane dirt gravel path through seemingly endless road construction, we arrived safely. Hauling the toddler into the library we returned our materials, hunted unsuccessfully for the American Wife, and finally landed in the children's section to discover we made it just in time for clean-up. Naturally the toddler shrieked with glee at the sight of other's his own age. He toppled out of my arms, his own arms flailing with excitement; he approached all the other moms and children using an extremely high octave of babble. Within a minute of less, tantrum one began when he couldn't drive the car because someone else was using it. Tantrum two happened when I refused to put him down while searching the video section. Tantrum three, four, five, and six occurred in rapid fire succession as we hurriedly rushed to the checkout line, out of the library, and into the car. There is nothing like an unproductive trip to make you wonder why you tried to get out of the house at all. I would have been better off painting.

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  1. At least you are recording your feelings ... and giving chuckles to others.

    I remember when it was you having the melt downs!
    Did I say that?