Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can't Curb My Enthusiam.... yet

I am ecstatic about painting.  I just began a new series.  I really should call say I hope that I began a series.  I have a lot of grand ideas about series, but life always gets in the way.  Recently I was at book club and we had a visiting artist.  Lesley Kagen was our guest author.  She let so much of her creative genius out for us to enjoy.  One of my favorite quotes from the evening was, "I have so many ideas... they are backed up like cars on a freeway."  To me that perfectly describes how I feel about painting and my art.  When I finally get in front of a canvas, I don't think oh no... what do I paint?  Instead I think, which one of my ideas am I ready for now?  I have so many thoughts, ideas, and dreams that it's difficult to decide. 

I am happy with any time spent in the studio.  As I mentioned earlier, I recently finished the first piece in my so called "series," which is actually two canvases.  I have wanted to do a piece that is split for a very long time.  I am not sure when I will post photos since I am thinking about entering it into a few art shows.  It would be great to have it be a surprise.  It will be interesting to hear how people react to it. My new painting is a real stretch for me.  I have never completed another work quite like it.  I focused on working with symbolism, composition, and value.   I want this artwork to show my enthusiasm and passion for painting. 

I still remember the first time I realized how a good a paint brush felt in my hand. It feels like an extension of my arm.  It gives me the power to create and destroy.  I loved the feeling of energy and excitement that flows through me while working.  That feeling stays with me after the completion of a painting.  It's that high of energy and creative spirit that I crave on days that I cannot paint.  This new series is meant to be a cleansing of the spirit.  I want to reconnect with the part of me that loves painting for the sake of creating.  I want to find the inner passion and refocus it.


  1. I love to paint. A canvas only comes out every so often. I have to be in a mood to paint a canvas and I also have to know that I won't be interrrupted. It's like floating thru the sky. I love to paint! I hop you'll post some of your work here. I am going to follow you so I can keep an eye out!

  2. Check out more of my paintings on my gallery blog.

  3. I haven't painted in years... I did a degree in painting, but have sort of fallen off the painting bandwagon... i am getting an urge now after reading your post. ;)

  4. Follow the urge. Once you start painting again it is hard to stop. The hardest battle I have is the end of my child's nap time. When I hear the first squeak on the monitor I have to stop and wash brushes. It's so hard to leave a painting when your mood is right. Pick up a brush as soon as you can!