Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain, Rain, Grow Away...

I am sick of rain. Granted we are having a lovely spring, but I want sun. I love the sun. Days that are gray leave me lying like a lump on the couch. I can't get motivated. I dragged myself out into public today only to shop for items partially needed and go to the library. The toddler complied for the most part.  The toddler only threw one car while we were in the check out line, took off one shoe while in the store, and managed to stand in the front of the cart while strapped in.  So much for safety.  I ended up putting the toddler in the basket part of the cart minus one shoe.  Who has time to put the same shoe back on more than three times?  Honestly it was becoming a game.  Even a trip that ends in a tantrum lying on the floor in front of library check out is worth it on a rainy day.  We really did have fun until we had to hand the train book to the librarian for check-out.
Once the sun comes out I want to be in my garden again. Rainy days make me sun-sick. I know, I know... the rain is good for my garden.  Lucky for me, I took some photos of my garden.  Now I can sit and glare at them on my computer screen.  This is my inspiration. My garden...
As I look at my photos, I realize how small it all looks.  These gardens are already 4 Summers worth of splitting, transplanting, and tender care.  I guess it looks bigger in person.

Below is a photo of the first Iris in bloom.  These are the flowers that I planted the day my grandmother passed away.  It really is amazing to wait almost an entire year to see the first bloom.  It was well worth the wait. 
Now I just need a sunny day that will motivate my paint brush arm to start moving again.

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