Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Latest Painting 2/25/09

Worked on a new painting yesterday.... well not exactly new. I orginally started it when I got the canvas as a birthday gift over a year ago. I painted it a deep red orange thinking of a landscape... well nothing ever came of it. I began ignoring the canvas and all my paints. It didn't help that I quit using oils because I was pregnant. Baby arrives and I am able to paint. Baby cries and painting never gets off the gound. Literally I painted the ground redish orange and it stayed that way for over a year. Well then I painted one afternoon when I didn't have to worry about the baby. Wah La! A painting was begun. Then I didn't touch it again for four months. So the baby finally takes long afternoon naps. So here I am telling you what I did. Whew... that's long winded. Two giraffes. A mother and baby. You never could have guessed the theme. Moms can be so sentimental and lame. I should know.


  1. wow!! beautiful painting! I love your blog!

  2. Great blog! I so sympathies with putting the painting down for other things! I have a dragon I started painting years ago that never got past the beginning stages cause I didn't want to subject the little one to the fumes!

    I hope you will have more time to paint as your little one gets older ;)

  3. This giraffe painting is simply delightful! Just wait til your baby is in the art room, grabbing your paints, and running through the house painting everything in sight!! :P